Santiago de Compostela

We enjoyed one last day exploring Santiago before flying home tomorrow.  We went to the pilgrim mass at the Cathedral in the morning and browsed through the shops.  Our final destination before dinner…..a local tattoo studio!





Gres to Santiago de Compostela

We arrived in Santiago de Compostela today!  We cycled over 500 miles to get here.  Seeing the cathedral and receiving our Compostella Certificate of completion was a truly joyful experience.  Several of us are staying an extra day to take in the sites before flying home from Madrid on Tuesday.

Leaving Gres this morning.


On our way to Santiago.


Ricardo with us at a coffee stop this morning.


Leaving the coffee shop, we came across a woman leading her cows down the street. She said they were hungry and she was going to feed them.


Arriving at the Cathedral in Santiago.


The end of our journey!






We arrived in Santiago and went for lunch before checking into our hotel.




Our hotel is located 150 meters from the Cathedral.


View from my hotel room in Santiago.


Laura enjoying her one and only beer. She said she would have a beer when we arrived in Santiago.

My passport was filled with stamps collected along the way. We had to show this proof of our journey to get our official Camino Certificate.


Portomarin to Gres

Today We cycled through rolling farmland where little has changed in centuries. Inheritance laws have required farms to be divided among the heirs, so they’ve become smaller over time – too small for machinery. Farming is still done the same way as it has been for generations.   it was a very hilly challenging ride.  49 miles.



Candace at morning coffee break.

Nancy at picnic lunch


Our picnic lunch.


Candace and Carol singing “I love New York” as we followed the arrows, smiley faces, hearts, etc. marked by our fabulous guides!



Views from my hotel room.

O Cebreiro to Portomarin

We are now in the lush gentle country of the Galicians.  Their music, culture and even countryside are similar to Ireland.  We had quite a few hills today but no long climbs.  43 miles.

View from my room. Sink laundry hanging on balcony to dry.



Villafranca Del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

Our most challenging climbing of the tour occured today as we crossed the Galicia Mountains.  We stopped just over the pass in the tiny hamlet of O Cebreiro. You may remember seeing the thatch roofed stone houses here in Martin Sheen’s movie “The Way.”

As we climbed, the scenery changed to lush countryside.  It was absolutely beautiful!  25 miles.


Gonçalo briefing us this morning about today’s ride.








View from my room for the night.
















Astorga to Villafranca Del Bierzo

Today we headed into Galicia and cycled through tiny villages virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. We rode the challenging climb to the Iron Cross!  Total distance = 47 miles.


Ricardo and Diana before our ride this morning.


Laura with her new bicycle bell.






Pat at the Iron Cross


At the top…..the Iron Cross




Carrying a rock up and Leaving it at the Iron Cross


On the way down the hill from the Iron Cross


Interesting trees at our lunch stop.


Lunch stop


Ricardo at our lunch stop.


Village after our lunch stop


Castle stop after lunch

The weather has been perfect… at night and in the morning but warming up by the afternoon.  No rain!!

Leon to Astorga

We headed out after breakfast cycling along the Orbigo River.  It was a very nice ride with some hills and flat lands.  We had to climb a very steep hill to reach the town of Astorga, our destination for today.  In Astorga, we visited its 15th century cathedral and the Episcopal Palace (designed by Antoni Gaudi).  We also went to the main square and checked out the Chocolate Museum.  This region of Spain was among the first to see the future in chocolate after it was introduced to Herman Cortes and his conquistadors by the Aztecs in the 16th century.  This area began making chocolate in commercial quantities in the early 17th century, which turned Astorga into one of the great chocolate centers for Spain.


The group leaving Leon this morning headed for Astorga.




Puente de Orbigo






Laura and Diana at lunch.




Main square Astorga


Storks nests along the way.


After the climb into Astorga.


Gloria on the hill to Astorga.


Michelle after the climb into Astorga.










Pinocchio Pat









Harley Davidson for rent


Tonight at dinner our beautiful guide Lucia presented each of us with a camino shell and commemorative pin to celebrate our strength, stamina, and perseverance on our trek to Santiago.





We are a very serious group of cyclists as you can see.


Save the Tatas!

Carrion to Leon



Our first stop on today’s route was also one of the most famous on the Camino. It was here on the banks of the Cea River where Charlemagne fought the Moors in the year 778. More than 40,000 knights died.  We ended our cycling day in the beautiful city of León.

It was a long cycling day but the headwinds were not as strong so today’s ride was much more enjoyable than yesterday’s ride.

Total for today = 65 miles.


San Benito Monastery




The nuns were very curious about us and what we were doing.


Lunch stop.


Ricardo led us into Leon where we will spend the night.


After showering and getting cleaned up, a few of us met for a glass of wine and then dinner in Leon.



We had pizza and more wine for dinner. A great end to a challenging day!


Lucia joined us later for pizza and wine.


We will enjoy a layover day in León to visit the sites and give our legs a rest. Our hotel is a short walk to all the sites!