We left Many Glacier National Park this morning and cycled to East Glacier National Park.  Internet access is better here, so here are some pics of my trip so far.

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald

Reg with her ceremonial beer after a day's ride

Reg with her ceremonial beer after a day’s ride

Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald Lodge

Climb to Logan Pass

Climb to Logan Pass

Climb to Logan Pass

Climb to Logan Pass


No Pics….

I can’t post pics yet because of the slooowww internet access.  Just an update on my trip so far.  From Whitefish, we cycled the “Going to the Sun” road to the summit of Logan Pass.  It was a long 10 mile climb, 6% grade, with fabulous overlooks where we stopped and took pictures.  We went for a short hike when we reached the summit.  Along the way we came across a herd of bighorn sheep and I got a few good pictures of them.  We spent the night at the Lake McDonald Lodge.  The next day we cycled 50 miles to St. Mary’s Lodge…a really cool place.  The next day we crossed the border into Waterton, Alberta Canada.  We spent the night at the Prince of Wales Hotel.  We dined in the hotel restaurant where the waiters all wear kilts.  Got a great picture of our cute waiter posing in his kilt.  We left Canada yesterday and cycled to Many Glacier National Park.  It was a tough 52 miler with long climbs but well worth the effort.  We are spending two nights here at Many Glacier.  Tomorrow we leave for East Glacier National Park.  I may not be able to post pics until we return to Whitefish on Friday evening.  It’s been an amazing bicycle trip.

Whitefish, Montana August 7, 2015

I arrived in Whitefish at about 2pm and walked to the bike shop to unpack my bike and reassemble it.  The bike and the box were in perfect shape, and it took me about 10 minutes to get it back together again.  I had dinner with two of my cycling buddies, Reg and Diana, and we did some catching up.  It was good to see them again.  They are renting bikes so will be spending the morning getting fitted for their rental bikes.  Since I have my own bike, I can sleep in and maybe go for a little ride around Whitefish in the morning with my bike.  Here are some pictures of Whitefish, Montana.  Its a very nice little mountain town with quaint shops and restaurants.



This horse sculpture is made out of pieces of teak wood. It is on display in front of the Sunti World Art Gallery in Whitefish. Price tag: $18,000.


I love this gallery because it features wood sculptures and amazing unique wood furniture.




Desk at the front of the gallery.


Charcoal drawing of an old woman. An incredible piece of artwork!

Glacier National Park August 8-15, 2015

Many consider Glacier to be the most beautiful of all the national parks. Its million acres of diverse habitats are home to hundreds of species of mammals and birds.  Bears, porcupines and golden eagles have been seen on this tour. The park also contains hundreds of structures on the National Register of Historic Sites and Buildings, including some of this tour’s overnight lodges. We will be crossing over the continental divide twice and through a stunning landscape of jagged peaks, melting glaciers, rushing waterfalls and brilliant wildflowers.



I shipped my bike via Fedex Ground last Friday to a bicycle shop in Whitefish, Montana where the tour starts.  It is already there waiting for me to arrive this Friday, August 7th, get it out of the shipping box and put it back together for my ride.